DIY electronic cigarette

All you can do “do it yourself” in the vape
Speaking of the vape, saying “do it yourself” is almost an understatement, because the world of electronic cigarettes is really vast!

What can we do alone?
Practically everything: from spare parts to complete e-cig.

Switching from traditional cigarettes to using electronic ones allows a considerable saving: especially if you do the DIY and look for offers on the best products, the savings on the annual total is even higher (think over the course of several years!).

This is not meant to be a guide on how to do it, but a way to give information and to answer the most frequent questions on how it is possible to live the experience of vape .

Usually, the first step to start is to make liquids , whose preparation is not difficult: the concentrated aromas are many, with different yields, of the most disparate brands and different maturation times.

But let us proceed in order.

DIY electronic cigarette

Why prepare liquids yourself?
The answers can be numerous:

low price of the electronic cigarette liquid,
seeking more satisfaction
passion in finding the perfect ingredients for your recipes.

Liquids are composed of a base of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol .

Depending on the type of atomizer you use and the mission of the vape, you can concentrate more or less glycerol in the neutral base until you use only that.

The variation of the percentages of these two elements determine the obtained smoke density , therefore a better vapor for your device.

If you want thick and dense clouds of smoke , you will orient yourself on a base with more glycerine. Some atomizers, on the other hand, need a more fluid liquid. In this case, just add demineralized water to the neutral base bottle to obtain less dense bases.

The amount of nicotine in a liquid is very subjective and this too must be related to the type of atomizer used.

With DIY liquids it is much easier to adjust nicotine rates . In Italy, the law has imposed the sale of nicotine-only bottles with a content of just a few ml.

Difference with ready liquids
Ready liquids give you the opportunity to have very pleasant tastes that you will hardly be able to recreate on your own, very often a few drops of a concentrated aroma are enough to have another result.

The liquid ready have concentrations of glycerin, glycol and water to make different svapare in the best possible way .

The quantity of flavorings available on the market is really great: there are each brand with different characteristics .

The concentration of each aroma changes according to the brand, so if you decide to use 4% of an aroma, this percentage may not be the right one to use even with the aroma of another producer and the same taste. Some aromas need a 10% dilution and others even 15%.

Furthermore, each aroma or mix of aromas needs a period of maturation that always varies depending on the brand and taste. This is a fundamental step to make the various elements mix together and have time to “bond” with one another.

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